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          First, through the franchise consultation

          1. Understand the general situation and business model of the company through joining channels such as meetings and training.

          2. Understand the conditions and requirements of joining.

          3, determine the intention to open a shop.

          2. Fill in the application form

          The franchisee shall fill in the Application Form for Joining, the required certificates and the information documents of operation ability, and submit them to the company headquarters for review.

          Third, the assessment of the company

          1. After receiving the application form, the headquarters will review the specific situation and conditions of the franchisee.

          2, review passed, notify the applicant, you can sign the contract.

          Iv. Signing

          1, the company provides the franchise contract text, and explain.

          2. The company signs a franchise contract with the franchisee to clarify the cooperation methods, rights and obligations of both parties.

          3, pay the relevant franchise fees.

          5. Site selection and certificate application

          1. According to the shop address provided by the franchisee, the company will determine the feasibility of the project and jointly determine the final site selection plan.

          2, after the location of the store is determined, the franchisee needs to apply for a business license and other relevant certificates.

          Six, decoration design, recruitment

          1, the franchisee provides the business site plan, the company is responsible for the design and decoration plan and renderings.

          2, under the guidance of the company, according to the company's unified design plan for material selection, decoration.

          3. Recruit personnel needed for operation.

          Vii. Training

          1, the company unified for the franchisee to provide shop operation training.

          2. Management software and hardware operation training.

          3. Market analysis and market channel development guidance.

          4. Shop assistant training.

          Viii. Opening

          1. Implement the opening publicity plan and promotional measures.

          2. Hold the opening ceremony.

          3. Tracking the opening operation and providing advice.

          4. Timely feedback on the initial operation.

          9. Management guidance

          1, standardize the operation, timely reflect the business situation to the company.

          2, implement the company's publicity and promotion measures.

          3. The company will train and guide the franchisee from time to time.


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