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          What are the causes of mechanical failure of high speed braiding machine

          Release time:2023-09-10 19:36:08      Hits:84

          The causes of mechanical failure and fabric defects in high speed braiding machine weaving are more complex, in order to facilitate maintenance, according to practical experience, it can be roughly summarized as follows:

          1, poor maintenance work, resulting in serious wear of parts during long-term operation.

          2. Caused by the quality of raw materials.

          3, doffer and fender operation is not skilled.

          4, braiding machine parts (such as knitting needle, brush, shuttle mouth, etc.) poor quality, improper adjustment.

          5, the product process is not reasonable, such as the selection of yarn count and machine number is not suitable.

          High speed braiding machine is favored by small and medium-sized enterprises and individual operators for its light weight, portability, many functions and low price, which makes the sales volume of braiding machine in our country continue to increase.

          Because many braiding machine users do not have a deep understanding of the structure and performance of the braiding machine, they are often troubled by some minor faults in the use process, and the floating ring is a common one.

          Floating ring refers to the beginning of the loop, knitting needle rise to withdraw the loop, for some reason, the old coil did not retreat to the needle rod below the tongue, but still hanging on the tongue, when the knitting needle falls, the old coil back to the needle hook and can not form a new coil, this phenomenon is called floating ring.

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