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          How to weave high quality products with high speed braiding machine?

          Release time:2023-09-10 19:36:38      Hits:90

          How to use high speed braiding machine to weave high quality products?

          1, good quality parts and reasonable mechanism make the machine run more stable, longer service life.

          2, walking horse ingot outlet installed hanging industrial porcelain eye (alumina), instead of perforating operation. The structure of Zouma ingot is reasonable, and it is faster and easier for high-speed braiding machine to change bobbin and adjust elasticity.

          3, high-speed braiding machine automatic yarn breaking power device fast and accurate. When the core is used up or disconnected, the machine will automatically stop running. Therefore, when there is no operation, the machine can also be stably operated to increase production and reduce costs.

          4, high speed braiding machine adopts frequency conversion control, stepless speed change, convenient speed control, overload protection.

          5, humanized design, stable and simple operation, direct and convenient maintenance.

          6, when weaving on the high-speed braiding machine, it is not easy to break the line and will not wear the surface of the raw material. After weaving, naturally has a higher quality. If there are core products, automatic feeding can be used, regardless of the size of the core can be correctly fed.

          7, the supply of standard parts and perfect after-sales service will provide a strong guarantee for the normal operation of high-speed knitting machine.

          8, high quality, high speed, high quality will provide you with more space.

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