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          Support form of spindle

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          The bearing form of the spindle can be roughly divided into:

          ① The upper bearing and the ingot bottom are rigid supports;

          ② The upper bearing and the ingot bottom are elastic supports;

          ③ The upper bearing and the ingot bottom are rigidly connected, and the whole is supported by an elastic element;

          ④ The upper bearing is rigid support, and the ingot bottom is elastic support. The more widely used is the fourth type of support.

          The upper bearing is pressed into the ingot foot together with the bearing seat, or the upper bearing is pressed directly into the ingot foot. The ingot bottom has a separate structure, that is, the ingot bottom is separated from the upper bearing, the ingot bottom is assembled in the casing, and the elastic element is assembled in the ingot foot; Some are connected structure, that is, the upper bearing and the ingot bottom are connected as a whole through an elastic element. This form of support enables the ingot bottom to swing radially, the upper and lower bearings can be self-adjusted when the spindle is rotating at high speed, and the ingot tip and the ingot bottom maintain normal contact. There is also a vibration absorption device around the ingot bottom: a combination sleeve or vibration absorption ring spring, together with the ingot bottom immersed in the lubricating oil, using the viscous damping effect of the oil layer to absorb vibration, so that the spindle is stable when running at high speed.

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