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          Leading high-speed braiding machine, textile special equipment production and manufacturing, from design, production, after-sales tracking one-stop service.

          Glass fiber sleeves and hose braiding machine

          Wire and cable braiding machine

          Medical consumable braiding machine

          Twisting machine

          Bobbin winding machine

          Tipping machine

          Spare parts



          The company's main high-speed braiding machine, rope braiding machine, rope braiding machine, elastic braiding machine, clothing accessories braiding machine, 130 high-speed rope and cable, 16 spindle multi-head high-speed braiding machine. Conductive tape braiding machine, pipe braiding machine, cable high speed braiding machine, cable and twisted rope braiding machine.


          Products all over the country, some products are sold abroad, the product price is reasonable, warm service, won the majority of users praise and love.

          • Advanced production equipment
          • Extensive product marketing
          • Strong corporate strength
          • Intimate after-sales service

          news information

          Recent years of scientific research, development innovation and integrity management


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